Genuine Epson Ink Cartridges vs Compatible Ink Cartridges

Consumers who wanted to save on their expenses usually go for cheaper products that still have the same quality as the original products. The same thing goes for the ink cartridges that you use for your printers. It is still best to buy original ink cartridges but you should be prepared to pay higher amount for it. 
With an Epson ink cartridges, you get a number of advantages such as a degree of image quality that no other Ink could produce. The high amount of quality changes quality photograph prints as if you’re building up real photographs. The advantage of using Epson Cartridge is its longevity. Epson inks are made to last longer than other inks of recognized brand name. So every time you print photograph images, you would ensure that you shouldn’t be printing it again and again. The photograph print last long and has less chance of fading. Also, Epson Cartridges ought not to be changed as many as other Inkjet Cartridges. It is just because it is very well known that Epson Ink Cartridges can print thirty percent more than any other Inkjet Cartridges.

Another good thing about the technology of Epson toner cartridges is the fact that the runs out colors can be substituted without the need of putting back the whole ink cartridge. The other colors that have not eventually run out yet may still be kept back. This way, the other would not be lost and may still be used to the optimum. In general, Epson cartridges have plenty of advantages in terms of quality and price. You will no longer require replacing the Epson ink cartridges as frequent as you may have using other brands.
The obvious advantage of a compatible cartridge is the low price. On average a non genuine cartridge is between 40 - 90% cheaper than it's brand name equivalent. Not only are they cheaper but almost all of the time the generic cartridge will contain considerably more ink than the genuine brand name cartridge.
Compatible ink cartridges are mostly water based and consist of pigments or dyes to achieve the individual colors as well as the black. Genuine inks on the other hand are oil based. This can be a problem if you are printing invoices etc as water based inks dry immediately where as oil based inks can take considerably longer to dry and they tend to smudge easily if the documents are handled before they have time to dry. 
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