InkTec Sublinova Smart ink and Sublinova Sure ink Introduction

"SubliNova" is the brand name of South Korea InkTec's dye sublimation inkThis name is derived from the words "Sublimation" and "Innovation".
Nova means "new star", which reflects our desire to become a new star-player in the worldwide sublimation market.
SubliNova is easily recognizable as a sublimation ink whilst also highlighting the innovation that went into producing it.
The blue logo is the corporate color of InkTec and using this keeps up our brand identity.
The magenta symbolizes the modern futuristic nature of the SubliNova ink.
InkTec SubliNova ink has many series, including SubliNova G7, SubliNova HI-LITE, SubliNova Sure, SubliNova Rapid, SubliNova Smart, SubliNova R-TS. Toady, we talk about SubliNova Smart and SubliNova Sure popular sublimation ink. 
SubliNova Smart:
SubliNova Smart can be used with both direct printing on fabrics and traditional heat transfer process with transfer paper. It has superior printing quality in various printing environments as well as jetting stability in long term printing with various printers on the market.

Suitable for the plotters equipped with Epson DX4, DX5 printhead 
• Fast drying time on transfer paper 
• Enhanced productivity • Universal for both direct and transfer printing • Intense and vibrant colors 
• Superior fastness properties 
• Environmentally friendly : Free from formaldehyde, VOCs, Alkylphenol and compliance with RoHS.
SubliNova Sure:
SubliNova Sure is based on a high black and color density ink formula to be efficient with low production costs.
SubliNova Sure shows optimal printing stability and long lasting head performance and is formulated to be compatible with Epson TFP head.
Moreover, it maintains the quality under the high speed option(360X720dpi, 1pass, 58.9㎡/h) of Epson SC-F7000.

The color concentration of SubliNova Sure is high with vivid color and its optical density is much higher than original inks. the higher the figures, the deeper the optical density.
• Suitable for the plotters equipped with Epson TFP printhead 
• Wider color gamut than original inks 
• High color concentration with vivid color 
• Superior print quality and stability at high speed mode 
• Environmentally friendly : Free from formaldehyde, VOCs, Alkylphenol and compliance with RoHS
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