How does Sublimation paper printing for synthetic fabrics?

Sublimation Printing requires white fabric with a high synthetic content to achieve the
richest color. The more synthetic content, the more saturation of color you can achieve. 

100% Polyester, Micro fiber and other synthetic fabric technology has come a long way in recent years - there are synthetic versions of just about every style of fabrics that can be printed.

Sublimation printing is still the industry standard for the best and brightest color on a wide range on synthetic fabrics. From Polytwill for soft signage or polyester for cost effective scatter cushions to the stretchiest Lycra for sportswear, our sublimation printing with deliver superb results every time. Up to 3.2 meters wide!
  • Soft Signage – Exhibition Graphics Flags and Banners
  • Home Furnishing – Sportswear & Fashion  
  • Hard substrates   (wood, ceramics, glass) overprinted with polyester-based or polyammid-based coatings.

Our sublimation paper in general tends to oversaturate colors slightly. In most cases this is a good thing, more vibrant color is almost always preferred; but sublimation in many cases does not correspond exactly to what you see on screen (not to mention that everyone’s screen can look very different!)

We recommend that all new files are sampled before commencing any order. This way you can see exactly what your print is going to look like.
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