Wide application brought by advancement in digital print technology

Advancements in digital print technology and the introduction of top coated fabric have allowed printers to expand their product offerings to include fabric banners. These technological advancements include: the ability of the machinery to feed and process heavier weight materials; improved compatibility of the inks with fabrics; and higher print quality.
As print head technology improved, digital printers could produce smaller ink droplets, which increased the number of dots per inch, resulting in crisper images. With the introduction of coated fabrics, inks could better saturate the fabric, so the colors are more robust and brilliant, instead of looking faded and washed out.
In the sign industry, top-coated banner fabrics for digital printing are relatively new.  In the United States, use of these materials was initially limited.  In contrast, the market in Europe and other parts of the world had more readily embraced the use of these materials.  Some estimate that the worldwide market for these banner fabrics easily exceeds one billion dollars.
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With digital printing you can provide your customers with the same print results as screen printing, without being locked into long production runs. The ability to print the one-of-a-kind banner or short production runs, gives sign shop owners the opportunity to provide the smaller retailer with high quality, customized graphics at reasonably low overall prices.
As the popularity of solvent and Eco-solvent digital printers has grown, so has the demand for solvent-compatible banner media has increased. To meet these growing needs, manufacturers have introduced new banner media, which include vinyl banner material and banner fabrics.
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