Why dye sublimation heat transfer is popular?

What are the benefits of dye sublimation printing?
Clothing decorated with dye sublimation is bright, bold, large and colorful. There are no limits and each piece will be as unique as you. Dye sublimation allows us to create any aspect using printed graphics. The printing of color blocks and graphic elements in the clothing reduces the layers of materials traditionally associated with the assembly of a uniform of cheerleaders. This makes our uniforms much more comfortable to use and maximizes the performance of the athlete as it does not restrict movement.

What colors can we use?
With dye sublimation, we can print virtually any color. We use a standard set of printed colors that are common in cheerleading and sports teams, however, if you have a special color that should be combined, we can do it too. We can even print neon colors.

Important facts about dye sublimation
While there are many benefits to the use of dye sublimation, it is important to keep in mind that there are some limitations to this technology. An important limitation to consider with dye sublimation in elastic fabrics is the "white" factor. The dye sublimation process can only use white fabrics to print, so that when the fabric is stretched too much, the color may appear lighter or faded. This is because you see the white fabric shown between the knitting yarn. Unfortunately, this is the nature of the dye sublimation, since the color is stained on the top of the fabric and not completely through the thread. This is much more noticeable when printing a dark color over a larger area. 
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