Several digital printing for banner printing market

As the popularity of solvent and Eco-solvent digital printers has grown, so has the demand for solvent-compatible banner media has increased. To meet these growing needs, manufacturers have introduced new banner media, which include vinyl banner material and banner fabrics.
The screen printing and dye sublimation processes do not require any special coating. Using high heat, dye sublimation prints can be fused to non-top coated polyester banner fabrics.  Many uncoated vinyl banners can also be printed with solvent and mild solvent inkjet systems, if the right profile is used.

Printer manufacturers, such as Roland DGA Corporation (Irvine, CA), had developed custom-match material profiles for both topcoated and non-topcoated substrates. Roland offers a wide variety of profiled media for use with our mild-solvent and aqueous inkjet printers.  The profiles which printer companies and material manufactures  have developed take much of the guesswork out of achieving good color on those substrates. Custom media profiles are included with Roland’s VersaWorks RIP software so customers can take full advantage of the ability to balance excellent color with lower saturation levels.
While printing on many vinyl banners can be printed without a top coating, inkjet printing directly to nylon, polyester or cotton banner fabric, however, requires a special coating.  As the digital market grew and printer technology progressed, banner manufacturer’s developed top-coated fabrics that were compatible with the inks.  Top coatings have been formulated to work with a number of digital printers using water-based, solvent, Eco-solvent and UV inkjet inks.
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