Why choose Mimaki TS300P 1800 Sublimation printer?

Mimaki TS300P 1800 Sublimation printer, It’s a wide-format roll-fed inkjet printer, printing dye-sublimation inks onto transfer paper up to 1,950mm wide. It is supplied fully specified for this type of work as standard, rather than needing add-on modifications. It can be used for any dye-sublimation applications, including polyester and mixed-fabric textiles, tabletops, tiles and metal panels (as long as they are powder coated with polyester).
How does it work?
This is an adaptation of Mimaki’s JV300 family with some significant modifications for textile transfer printing. The biggest is the adoption of Panasonic printheads with a longer throw distance than usual, allowing an air gap of 7mm below the heads (other Mimakis have about 3mm). This helps prevent head strikes due to the paper media cockling, especially in hot and humid conditions, says Horstern.
Bulk ink tanks are fitted instead of cartridges. An additional post-print heater is fitted so the ink is dry before the paper is rewound. A high accuracy re-winding system with a dancer bar is fitted – important for when the paper is unrolled and brought into contact with the final substrate in a calendaring roller or heat press.
A ‘Lite’ version of Mimaki’s TXLink3 RIP software is supplied. This is dedicated textile software with features such as color replacement so the same artwork can be used to produce different colourways. 
How productive is it? 
Officially the maximum speed is 115m2/hr. In practice Horstern says that high quality printing is achievable at 60m2/hr. 
You can choose either four colors (blue plus MKY) or six (with additional light blue and light magenta).

As it’s an all-in-one package there are no other options needed, but purchasers can choose to upgrade to the Standard or Pro versions of the TSLink software. 
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