How To Heat Transfer Vinyl For DIY T-shirt?

Printable vinyl Can be transfer on T shirt through the digital printer cutter machine with eco solvent ink, and then through the heat press transfer machine. With a soft feel, good flexibility, ink absorption performance, high color reproduction, high temperature hot stamping without deformation, not degumming, do not fade, washable and so on. So how can we operate printable vinyl?  the following i will explain to you how i use this heat transfer vinyl on DIY t-shirt.
Step 1: choose the pattern you want to print
Step 2: Feed and adjust the rules of the printer to take the paper; 
Note: print the surface to remember the reverse (film side down, you can hand perception);
Step 3: print and cut by plotter;
Step 4: waste (to remove all parts of the pattern except);
Step 5: drying, curing (according to the use of ink and room temperature to determine the normal 30 minutes can be);
Step 6: cut the corresponding pattern area of ​​the low adhesive paper for composite;
Step 7: tear off the bottom release film;
Step 8: Cut pattern(including composite low-adhesive film) ;
Step 9: Heat transfer (according to the fabric in general 150-160 degrees, 8-10 seconds, the pressure of 6-8psi);
Step 10: tear off the low viscosity film, hot stamping to complete and into the next process.
Printable lettering film is widely used in cultural shirt, T shirt, sweater, children's clothing, clothing, luggage, poncho, umbrella, handicrafts, gloves, pillowcases and other fabric products.
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