Where Are Differences between Vinyl printing and Traditional printing?

Vinyl heat press printing on garments is an excellent alternative to traditional printing.  This type of printing utilizes a computer and vinyl machine to cut your design into vinyl, and is then heat pressed onto the garment.  Vinyl printing is best for rush jobs, same day printing, as well as clients wanting an alternative look to the traditional ink style methods of DTG and screen printing.  New techniques involving gold and iridescent foils, as well as the highly reflective 3M material, fall under this category of printing.  
Screen printing is the most traditional and widely accepted as the best method for garment printing.  Modern screen printing uses highly sophisticated automatic and manual presses to quickly print many shirts in a assembly-line process.  A design is broken down into separate colors representing different screens, ink is applied, and physically pushed through the screen onto the garment.  Screen printing is ideal for large production jobs. 
Dye Sublimation printing is a new technique utilized for clients who desire all over printing.  Ideal for large oversize prints, this method has become extremely popular in recent years.  Centrally reserved for 100% polyester garments, dye sublimation can be printed along both the front and back of the shirt resulting in a look that is unparalleled with other printing methods.

Nowadays, with the development of technology, vinyl printing will be increasingly popular in our daily lives.  
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