How to convert normal inkjet printer to sublimation printer?

Nowadays, dye sublimation printing becomes more and more popular, considering on sublimation printing machine and printing consumables' high price, more and more users want to develop sublimation printing but save cost. some customers want to convert their used normal inkjet printer to sublimation printer. By enabling the conversion of an ordinary Epson wide format printer into a dedicated sublimation printer, Fei Yue Inc. allows you to affordably enter into sublimation printing. 
If your Epson printer is brand-new, out-of-box, and has never been used with ink inside, you can proceed straight to using our inks. Do not install the Epson cartridges provided with the printer. Instead, either install a set of refillable cartridges with Performance-Ultra bottled ink or a set of Performance-Ultra compatible cartridges.
If your Epson printer is currently using any other ink (Epson-brand ink, aftermarket ink, another brand of sublimation ink), it is required that you purge all old ink from the printer's lines prior to installing Performance-Ultra Sublimation Ink.
Before beginning the conversion process, print a nozzle check to confirm that the print head is working properly. Do not attempt to perform a conversion on a printer that is not printing correctly.
Ensure that you have a spare maintenance tank or a maintenance tank resetter available before proceeding.
Remove all the old ink cartridges and install a set of cleaning cartridges (or a set of refillable cartridges filled with bottled purge fluid).
Perform the initial fill procedure to clear the old ink from the lines and replace it with purge fluid. Repeat the initial fill procedure once more to eliminate all residues.
Remove the cleaning cartridges and install the Performance-Ultra sublimation ink.
Perform the initial fill procedure to fill the lines with sublimation ink for printing!

Note: Some printers have two black slots (photo black + matte black). Only the matte black slot needs to be used. Leave the cleaning cartridge inside the photo black slot, as this slot will not be used in printing.  
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