What influence for 60gsm 80gsm 100gsm sublimation paper under different printing environment?

We did a comparison test of our 60gsm, 80gsm, 100gsm sublimation paper in order to let our customers know how the temperature and humidity affect the sublimation paper under different printing environment.

After printing, we put each type of sublimation paper for one sheet in our printing lab with with 68% humidity and 13℃. And one sheet for each type in our air condition room with temperature of 28 ℃ and 40% humidity.

And we find 60gsm,80gsm and 100gsm sublimation paper will not curl up in our lab with 13℃ and 68% humidity。

However, the result is different in our air condition room, The edge of 60gsm sublimation rolls up badly. And 80gsm and 100gsm sublimation paper did have little bit of curling trend, but it still can be put into printer for printing.
After all those stringent test and analysis, we suggest you to put your printer in a air condition room for printing, especially for sublimation paper with less 100 gsm. Best humidity for our sublimation paper is 40%-70% with temperature around 20 ℃, and for best storage of our paper, we suggest you to put them in the shady and cool place without being exposed to sunlight.

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