Dryfit Mesh polyester-based fabric for sublimation digital printing

Dryfit fabric (Mesh fabric) are mainly used for active wear. That means for situations where you’ll sweat like doing a sport activity or just having a walk under the hot weather. But what makes dryfit shirts popular is its ability to dry fast. Dryfit shirts, also known as rapid dry shirts are made out of hydrophobic (water-hating) fibers and hydrophilic (water loving) fibers. The dryfit shirts are made out of 100% polyester, resulting in a breathable wear. This allows the material to absorb moisture easily and dry up much faster, keeping the wearer more comfortable throughout their day. 

To personalise and print dryfit shirts, Printcious uses Sublimation printing on the white dryfit shirts. Sublimation printing is ideal for 100% polyester apparel. 
Digital Sublimation printing transfers an image onto syntactic material based fabric using dye-sub inks and a special transfer paper. With the right temperature, pressure and time, the ink is transferred onto the fabric permanently. Dye-sublimation is the most environmentally friendly, sustainable process possible in garment and textile printing. Compared to the multiple screens needed to screen print a design, sublimation can do millions of colors that are vibrant and the design will never crack, peel or fade.
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