How to use reactive sublimation ink for garments printing?

About usage of reactive sublimation ink on textile sublimation printing machine, when the inorganic salt concentration is added to the garment printing machine ink there will be more and the adsorption layer electrical phase negative charge enters the adsorption surface. When the charge of the adsorbent layer is completely neutralized, it is seen that the zeta potential in the micelles is reduced to zero, so that the electrostatic repulsion of the micelle becomes relatively small and may be completely absent, greatly reducing the anticoagulation of the The stability of the entire lax system has been destroyed, the formation of dye down.
At the same time, in the case where the inorganic salt concentration is too high, it is easy to corrode the nozzle, and the service life of the nozzle will be shortened. Now in the domestic market common active ink with green, black, magenta, blue, orange, yellow, gray and several other colors, the other colors will be diluted with green and 15 to 20% made of light green and light red The You can meet the basic needs of production, but there will be blocked in the use of the nozzle, hair color will be unstable, shade is not correct, the depth is not enough, color gamut and other issues. fabric sublimation printing machine is also likely to cause the nozzle blockage, the dye is also likely to cause nozzle blockage, the main factors of the machine is the ink when the interruption, ink mold fungus obstruction, ink tank barrier and other reasons. Dye factors are mainly dye accumulation, impurities, dye solubility is too large and so on. In the case of insoluble dyestuffs, the size of the dyestuffs is also critical, and the fine particles require no more than 10 particles in the range of 0.1 μm in the microscope, if your sublimation ink diameters of particles is out of this range, it can clog your print head, it's very important factor for you to choose sublimation ink
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