New Arrival---FU 100gsm dye sublimation paper with three coating layer

FU 100gsm is SKYIMAGE new generation sublimation paper, it has three coating layer, pre-coating layer---sublimated coating layer---back coating layer, which make this kind sublimation paper more stable and anti-curled. 
Sublimation transfer paper for aqua-based dye sublimation inks. It’s popular to gift and promotion items manufacturers using small desktop printer and large format printers. Fast drying and high transfer rate, easy handling, excellent stability and performance for excellent color reproduction on polyester T-shirts and polyester or polymer coated substrates, ceramic, metal, glass-coated.  
What's features of FU 100GSM sublimation paper?

1) Work on all inkjet printers, sublimation printer,indoor printer
2) Special ink : Use sublimation ink to print
3) Transfer the printed transfer paper  to fabric textile with good results
4) Bright color, washable 
5) Note: This paper must be printed by sublimation ink, Could not use on the 100% pure cotton textile,if you want to transfer polyester cotton fabric or t shirt garment, the cotton composition should be less then 30%.
6) Sublimation Paper specialized paper for sublimation ink, natural color, transfer rate highly to 99%.
Where does this sublimation paper sublimate on?
Advertising (Flags, Banners, Gaming Tables etc.)
Home Textiles (Curtains, Bed Linen, Decorative Fabrics etc.)

Hard Substrates Polyester-Coated and Polyamide (Ceramics, Metal Plates, Glass, Skis, and Snowboards)
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