What factors promote dye sublimation printing walking forward?

Sublimation transfer printing appeared in the 1930s-1970s, and swept Europe,the United States and Japan,etc regions. from the historical data, its development process is rather special, out of many people's expectations, neither as optimistists predictions, sublimation printing didn't has an absolute market share in the textile printing, nor as the pessimists said that slow development, or even stagnation, decline down. dye-sublimation transfer technology in China has developed rapidly, the application is very extensive. In addition, due to its small investment equipment, printing outstanding results, pollution-free, saving resources and other reasons, causing great concern to the relevant government departments.
At present, the real large-scale commercial and industrial digital printing technology is mainly sublimation transfer printing technology. With the introduction of the domestic price advantage of sublimation ink (sublimation transfer ink mainly in Korea and Italy, the quality of the most famous (Italy quality J-TECK ink, Kiian; South Korea quality InkTec sublinova ink), and printing technology Of the digital, dye-sublimation transfer technology applications become more extensive. In summary, the dye-sublimation transfer technology has the following four characteristics:
1.Good printing result.
Adopting sublimation transfer printing technology, fine print fabric, colorful, rich and clear level, high artistic, three-dimensional sense, which is difficult to realize by the general method of printing, and it also can print photography and painting style of the pattern.
2.Soft touching feeling and long lifetime without fade.
Sublimation transfer is the biggest characteristic of the dye can go through into the polyester or fiber, finished prints will be very soft and comfortable, the basic feel the presence of ink. In addition, since the ink in the transfer process has been dry, making the life of the image and the clothing itself as long life, will not appear printed graphics wear and tear, affecting the appearance of the fabric, and it cannot fade.
3.Simple steps of dye sublimation printing, high flexibility
4.Save resources and environmental-friendly
Different from traditional textile printing, sublimation transfer printing operates without steaming, washing and other post-processing process, save a lot of water resources, and no sewage, can save resources and protect the environment.
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