Advancing with the times Italy quality J-Teck sublimation ink.

Recently, Fei Yue Paper Inc. promotes a new business which is Italy quality J-TECK sublimation ink. In today's digital inkjet market, some sublimation ink brands keep leading in sublimation ink, such as Italy J-teck, Italy Kiian, South Korean InkTec Sublinova, Epson original ink, etc.Today, let's talk about J-teck sublimation ink.

J-TECK company's mission is to manufacture, develop and sell digital printing inks in the graphic and textile market.
It is devoted to customer’s satisfaction and open to the many opportunities and challenges the worldwide market offers everyday.
With the focus only on digital, J-Teck can entirely dedicate to the research for new products and technologies to serve the advanced and growing digital market.
So J-teck sublimation ink we always say is a general statement, actually j-teck sublimation has various types suitable for different print heads.

For example,J-NEXT subly,J-NEXT is a new generation water based dye-sublimation ink from J-Teck. J-NEXT's innovative formulation meets the requirements of today's hi-speed piezo-head printers from Epson, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland and all OEM printers with Epson print heads DX-4/5/6/7. 
About J-NEXT, its color is various: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Absolute Black, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Orange, Blue, Grey, Ultra Light Black, Extra Cyan, Extra Magenta, Extra Yellow, Extra Black.

Take another example fr example, J-CUBE series sublimation ink, this kind sublimation ink are water-based digital inks particularly designed to be used on printers equipped with new generation print heads. Manufactured with the exclusive Cluster technology.J-CUBE series includes ink lines as below:
J-CUBE PNF is suitable for PANASONIC print heads
• J-CUBE RF 40 is suitable for RICOH print heads
• J-CUBE R-TS (MIMAKI TS-500) for RICOH Print heads.
They have been carefully developed by J-Lab to provide high-quality performance on the print heads described above. This is possible thanks to the innovative CLUSTER technology.
Therefore, Therefore, no matter what kind of technology,we also need to advance with the age.
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