Simple steps to make customized T-shirt

There are five simple steps that you can adhere to if you aim to easily make you own t shirt. The skill in printing iron-on transfers is necessary if you are aiming to put up a custom t-shirt venture on your own. Some entrepreneurs are intimidated by this, not knowing that it is actually very easy to learn how to do so. You will be surprised how iron-on sublimation transfer printing can be an easy and non-technical skill that you can instantly learn and be an expert about.

You can design your own t-shirt and instantly proceed to make your own t shirt, whether for business or personal purposes. It is important to note that before you design your own t-shirt, it is necessary to set your mind about the goals and targets in the venture. You need to also prepare several equipment and materials, like an inkjet printer (this can be of any brand), iron-on A4 sublimation transfer papers, an electric iron (the one you use at home), a shirt where you want to print the design and spare pieces of such shirts for test fabric.

After preparing the equipment and materials, you can proceed to design your own t-shirt. You can use a little creativity when doing so. You can have your own concept or adopt an existing design based on anything, from paintings, to logos to other art pieces. Produce your own design, use an image-editing software or any iron-on transfer computer program. When printing your design on a test print paper, remember to print a mirror image, so that the real image orientation will be printed on the shirt. The second step as you begin to initially make your own t shirt is to print the design or image on the iron-on transfer paper.

Third, prepare the test shirt or fabric for initial printing or image transferring from the iron-on transfer paper. Lay down the fabric on a hard surface, as if you are ironing a cloth. Now put the iron-on transfer paper with the design on top, the design facing or touching the shirt. Put a paper bag or cardboard beneath the front and back portions of the shirts so the design will not be transferred on both sides.

Finally, iron the image onto the shirt. Use the iron machine's hottest setting to ensure a smooth and hassle free
transfer. While the shirt and paper are still hot, peel off the iron-on transfer paper and allow the shirt to cool down. Now, you have succeeded in your effort to make your own t shirt. Look at the product and see if you can appreciate it before marketing it or giving it away.
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