How to heat transferred image on pure cotton fabric with sublimation paper?

As we all know, sublimation transfer paper has a limit for its substrates. before, sublimation transfer paper can print on polyester or polyester-based fabric,and its disadvantage is that it cannot print on 100% cotton fabric.
As a professional sublimation paper manufacturer in inkjet digital printing, Fei Yue Paper Inc. always keep Innovation for digital printing, and we develop new method to make up with this problem.

Before, if we want to print on cotton fabric. we choose T-shirt heat transfer paper for Light/Dark cotton t-shirt. but now, today, i will introduce a new technology---subli-cotton paper, which can help sublimation paper print on cotton fabric, and get a higher print result.

All of this innovation is based on subli-cotton paper, which like a film coating polyester powder. put subli-cotton film on cotton fabric, then heat by heat press machine, then you can find this film has penetrate into cotton, so it like polyester coating layer on cotton fabric, then print picture on sublimation paper with sublimation ink; finally, heat transfer images from sublimation paper to cotton fabric. it's done.