Three key points of dye sublimation printing

Sublimation transfer paper is wildly used in sublimation transferring of chemical fiber fabric, coated metal, glass, marble, wood, etc. It is suitable for a variety of printed photos, images and text. The use of our sublimation transfer printing paper can make full distillation of the dye during the sublimation. Tar dyes would be left on the paper without pollute the fabric, so that the transfer was the perfect material to restore the color of life and the details of the images clearly, and to save dye ink (which is the use of plain paper can not be compared).

1.There are many available items for sublimation digital printing: textile, fabrics, polyester, ceramic, banners/flags, hard materials, wood, etc
2.You need different machines for dye sublimation: computer, digital printer, cutter/potter, and so on.
3. You need high quality heat press machine: 3D vacuum press machine, flatbed heat press machine
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