CAD Cutting Drawing Marker Paper | Fei Yue Paper Industrial Co.,LTD

What is drawing maker paper? The Plotter paper is a special type of paper used with plotter machines and suits for CAD Pen / Inkjet Plotter / Garment CAD Plotter  Lectra Plotter, Richpeace Plotter , Gerber Plotter .
paper size: 36" (other size 48" 60" 61" 62" 63" 65" 67" 72" 75" 80" 85" & can be customized.)
A: Virgin wood pulp, no grass pulp,  no gypsum powder, the powder can not afford, not rough,  can extend the computer and pen plotters life and increase the speed and accuracy of  Plotter Marker Paper
B: Paper Tube is made in grade kraft paper with high strength, good toughness, unflexible and  production of standard thickness.
C: use Imports of high-speed rewinding computer-Mark-paper, two neat, middle no wrinkles, no damage.
D:  packaging with kraft paper and lamination films,dual protection, moisture-proof performance is particularly good. Two dedicated stopper, packaging to prevent loss or damage during transport flattened. Ease of storage and transportation.
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