Sublimation printing vs Digital Printing

Sublimation Production Process  
Process-the required design is 1st printed on sublimation transfer paper on a roller printing machine for bulk production and then this paper along with the fabric sandwich together and passed thru heated continues paper press to transfer the print from paper to fabric. 
Roller printing machine is a machine where copper rolls are used for printing and any design with multiple color merging, ombray effect can be achieved for bulk production, since the copper roll are very- very expensive so this printing machine is no longer used in Indian textile industry but frequently used in china and Korea to achieve excellent print result in heat transfer/sublimation print. Any print that digital printing machine produced and rotary can’t do, can be achieved using roller printing machine thru sublimation process.

Digital Printing Process 
During the printing process, the fabric is fed through the printer using feed roller and ink is applied to surface of fabric in the form of thousand tiny droplets.
fabric is printed by digital printers with the design prepared on computer using ink jet based method of printing colorants onto fabric.
The fabric is then passed through steam/heat chamber to cure the ink. Then steamed fabric required washing and drying.