The importance of heat transfer machine for sublimation printing

The reason why we say it is very essential for customers to work on printing industry. It all starts with a heat press.
Three key components to consider when decorating with a heat press are: time, temperature, and pressure. 
Every heat transfer material has its own heat printing instructions.
Time: The amount of time, in seconds, that heat must be applied to the design/garment.
Temperature: The optimal degree at which the design will adhere to the garment.
Pressure: The amount of downward force needed when heat applying.

Choosing the right heat press.
How do you know which type of heat press is right for your business? There are several key factors to consider:
Space: How much space do you have in your work area?
Production: How much will you use the heat press?
Size: What type of garments are you decorating?
Experience: How much experience do you have working with heat presses?
Cost: How much do you want to invest in your heat press equipment?
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