News about Textile Digital Printing Revolution

    Any veteran printer manufacturer can spurt out the advantages of digital printing over traditional printing and can discuss with passion the unsurpassable quality and color variety, the absence of plates and the ability to print short runs easily without any preparation. Then how come the adoption of digital printing technology is still slow in many industries?

    The graphic arts sector, signage and packaging industry are examples of industries who adopted digital printing technologies alongside traditional printing. Yet, some sectors are very slow to adapt to digital in spite of its advantages. These industries are likely to be high volume printing industries such as paper, industrial surfaces of all kinds and textile. These industries are reluctant to hop on the bandwagon usually due to each application’s particular drawbacks but in most cases manufacturers are simply oblivious to the availability of digital printing’s advantages and capabilities also for high volume industries.

    Nanodot technology is a new process that has been developed over the past few years and some believe is set to revolutionise the print market. More specifically, it is will almost certainly have a dramatic influence on the field of large format inkjet sublimation. The process ensures optimal pigment dispersion due to a combination of reducing the nanoparticles combined with fixing ionic polymers on the actual particles. To those of us without a science degree, in a nutshell this ensures improved ink flow, faster drying and better stability during the print process. However, due to the huge production investment in the latest laser spectrometers and medical filtration systems involved in producing nanodot inks, only one European company is currently producing them.

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