Fabric printing with 58g 24"(0.61m*100m ) heat transfer paper

   Fabrics that have been printed digitally wear and tear just like other fabrics. However, with some in inks you may notice the initial fading after washing them for the first time. The design of the print is created using graphic design program or software such as the Illustrator and the Photoshop. Existing photographs or artwork can also be scanned and then manipulated digitally to make patterns to be printed on the fabrics. Designs are usually created like seamless patterns that are repeated across the fabric. However, it is possible to create a single design that will fill the whole fabric without repeating it. Nevertheless, this might cause problems later in the printing process if the file size is too large.

   Perhaps, the most important thing to always remember about digital fabric printing is that the process is not instantaneous. You have to invest your time in choosing the best fabric and coming up with creative print designs. Choose the colors to use in your digital printing process carefully. This will enable you to achieve the tonal difference that you want. Nevertheless, when choosing your printing colors you should not confine yourself into a block of solid colors. Instead, use digital imagery to see what you can do with your creativity.

 To realize better results from your digital printing process, focus on your finish. While designing your print, it is crucial that you always have the final product in mind. Therefore, avoid being caught up by the artistic aspect of designing your digital prints. Make sure that your texture and colors creates a noticeable impact on the final print. If you want to print shinny fabrics such as silk, remember that they reflect light and that they can create a light impression of the print. Similarly, thin fabrics are translucent and this can make them seem washed out. Some providers of digital fabric printing services offer swatches which can enable you to use several designs on one yard.
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