Do you know Iron on transfers?

         Iron on transfers are one of the most creative and unique ways of decorating apparel, tote bags and almost anything else. If you've never used an iron on transfer, it can be a little tricky until you've mastered the technique. When you learn how to properly apply transfers, it's easy to create your own designs for your own use or to give as gifts. Everyone loves personalised presents, and this is one of the ways to show your family and friends you really care.

       You don't necessarily have to create your own iron on transfers, but if you want to give it a try, here's what to do. You can find unlimited designs to create unique looks by shopping in department stores, crafts stores, or searching online. If you want to create your own design, you can use your own digital photographs, make your own design using software on your computer, or scanning an image online. One thing to keep in mind is that if your design will be used commercially and you choose an image found on the internet, be certain that the image is royalty free and is stock photography that you have the right to reproduce for commercial purposes. Some stock photography sites only allow images to be reproduced for personal use.
         When you find the image you want to use for iron on transfers, use a good quality transfer to scan the image onto. It might be advisable to test the design first on regular plain paper. Your shirt transfers should then be placed on the shirt or surface that will have the image imprinted on it. The fabric should be placed on a hard surface that's flat. Be sure to get any wrinkles out before printing the design. Before placing the transfer paper on the image, use some heavy brown paper or a paper grocery bag underneath the fabric so the image will only print on one side.

         With the iron on transfer face side down, heat an iron to the correct setting for shirt transfers, and move it around the image in circles making sure to use sufficient heat and pressure but not so much that the fabric will get scorched. It may take a few trial runs to perfect the technique, especially if you've never used transfers before, but with practice you can create designs that will reflect your individual personality or make great gifts for family and friends.