Does Dye Sublimation Work for All Materials ?

       In today's market when people talk about dye sublimation transfers, they are usually speaking about output from inkjet printers.  The problem with inkjet printers and dye sublimation is that most of the printers spray their ink out of tiny nozzles that are easily clogged by the relatively large dye sublimation particles. 

      Dye sublimation will not work on 100% cotton. There has to be polyester because that is what holds the sublimed dye. The more polyester the better; 50/50 is better than 65/35.

       If you are subbing to the cotton/poly mix, transferring brighter colors are better. Also, if you are going to use colored shirts, try a small sample (dye sub in and paper is expensive) first as the color will end up nothing like you expected.(If you need to print on 100% cotton like
shirts,you will need the special transfer paper for it :Dark and Light T-ShirtsTransfer Paper)

         When a piece of fabric is printed using a sublimation printer the ink is injected into the fibres themselves, ensuring an even hue and much reducing the risk of colors running in contact with water (in the wash) or distorting. This ensures a more uniform quality of garment or finished product, allowing companies to know in advance how their promotional items, clothing or other printed fibrous materials will look.
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