Various brand sublimation printer for polyester-based textiles

There are a number of dye sublimation printers available. Roland has developed a new sublimation printer, the Texart RT-640 (pictured below), a 64ins machine designed to print to transfer paper. It can print at up to 32.6 sqm/hr.
There’s a choice of four or eight colours, with the addition of orange, violet, light cyan and light magenta as well as the standard CMYK colours. There’s also a choice between Roland’s own VersaWorks RIP and an ErgoSoft RIP. 
Mimaki is one of the pioneers of textile printing and has several models. This includes the TS500, a 1.8m wide production printer capable of printing up to 150 sqm/hr on transfer paper. There’s also the TX500 DS, which can print directly to coated polyester fabrics for furnishings and graphics, and the TX500-B, which has an automated belt-fed transport system for handling a variety of different fabrics for fashion and furnishing.

But Mimaki also sells the 1.6m wide TS5, which prints to transfer paper at up to 40 sqm/hr and is mainly designed for garments such as sportswear and scarves. There’s a 1.8m wide TS34, which can print at up to 32 sqm/hr in four colors or 17 sqm/hr in six colors. There’s a 3.2m wide JV5, which can print direct to polyesters as well as transfer paper, and is an ideal width for exhibition graphics, flags and banners.Before Mimaki TS300P 1800 was showed at the FESPA 2015 show, a 1.8m wide printer capable of producing up to 115 sqm/hr on transfer paper.
Epson makes the SureColor F-series dye sublimation printers, which print to transfer media. They’re fitted with Epson’s own PrecisionCore print head and use Epson’s UltraChrome DS ink. The range includes the 44" F6200, which can produce up to 63 sqm/hr, and the 64" F7200, which can produce up to 58 sqm/hr. Dual print heads F9200, which features a new high density black ink to reduce ink usage. It can produce up to 97 sqm/hr.

Mutoh has a number of different dye sublimation printers, having adapted several of its wide format printers to use its water-based dye sub inks. Mutoh launched the ValueJet 1938WX, a 1.9m wide dye sub printer fitted with two printheads for faster production. It can print direct to textiles as well as transfer paper. It’s essentially a wider version of the existing 1.6m wide 1638WX, launched last year. There’s also a 2.6m wide 2638 dye sub, designed to print to transfer paper at speeds up to 108 sqm/hr.

Mutoh has also developed several direct to textile printers. The 1.6m wide 1628TD and the 2.6m wide 2628TD, both of which can print direct to fabric. They use CMYK and there’s a choice of dye sublimation and direct disperse inks.
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