Features of dye sublimation printing process

First,  the technical stuff:  the official definition of sublimation is as follows:  “In chemistry, the direct conversion of a solid into a gas, without passage through a liquid stage.”  Dye sublimation is the process by which heat is applied to inks turning them into a gas and bonding the ink with the polyester fibers of fabric or the poly coating on hard goods.  The result of the bond is a print that won’t wear out until the imprinted  item does.
1, Superior Printing Effects. The textiles using sublimation transfer process usually get elaborate figures, which is with bright colors, rich and clear gradation, and is of high artistry and strong dimensionality. This can hardly be carried out by other common printing methods, and you may even get photographic and painterly figures with such process. 
2, The transferred items touch soft, and have a long lifespan. The remarkable feature of sublimation transfer process lies in the fact that you can almost not feel the exist of the ink layer after the disperse dyes are let in the polyester or fiber. It is because that the ink gets dried during the transfer process that the lifespan of figures is the same as the transferred clothes, and no  attrited graphics will exist.
3, The process is rather simple, with fewer devices devoted, and is of high percentage of acceptable products. With sublimation transfer process, printing many sets of figures with no need of the comparison of design and color is now available, and can also custom what customers require in a short time.
4, Sublimation transfer process is environmentally friendly. Different with the traditional textile printing methods, sublimation transfer process needs no ageing and washing procedures and etc, which will surely save plenty of water and no waste water is let out, and thus help to protect the environment and save resources.
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