What Unique Features Does Epson Surecolor S40680 Printer Have?

Epson Surecolor S40680, 64-inch wide format solvent ink printer, established Advanced
PrecisionCore® TFP® Print Head.

What about its features?
1. High productivity and high efficiency: Continue to uphold the characteristics of the previous generation of products, the use of single Epson PrecisionCore ™ TFP micro-piezoelectric nozzle structure design, the pursuit of high quality and lower cost users to provide cost-effective output solution.
2. Wide color gamut fresh color: Equipped with a "live color GS3" solvent ink, to obtain a
extensive color gamut, suitable for the performance of the advertising industry often used in
high saturation color.
3. Stable frame structureFrom the stability of the stent / print head protection device / paper feed spindle to the fan system / print head cleaning device / secondary ink station technology, are stable and reliable production to provide technical support.
4. LED lighting system: Through the new LED lighting system, with a more open field of view transparent front cover, you can clear clear the printing process, you can always confirm the print status.

As we all know in china, we named it Epson S40680, but in other countries, like US, we call it S40600, in Africa, they named 40610, they have different ink chips, but our Epson S40680 has permanent ink chips, which can recognize whatever Epson original ink and other brand compatible Eco-solvent ink. this is S40680 best advantage.
Ink System:
Ink: Epson "live color GS3" solvent ink
Color: cyan, magenta, yellow, black
Ink capacity: 700ml
Printing speed:
720X720dpi standard accuracy: 29.4 square meters / hour
720X720dpi high-precision: 15.4 square meters / hour
720X1440dpi high precision: 7.9 square meters / hour
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