What about Roland SOLJET EJ-640 Large-Format Color Printer?

The Roland SolJet EJ-640 printer is the latest development in Roland's high production, print offering. Promising to "turn up the volume" in your print business by offering high-speed, high-quality and cost-effective printing.

Roland are renowned for their incredible reputation for reliability, quality, versatility and much more, the introduction of the SolJet EJ-640 proves no exception to this.

Offering wider, faster and cheaper printing than ever before, the EJ-640 offers real affordability, return on investment and print potential for your business.

The EJ-640 from Roland operates on a brand new eco-solvent cartridge configuration allowing for long unattended printing and a cheaper cost per print than ever before thanks to the introduction of a 1 litre cartridge. Working in harmony with the latest print head technology which virtually eliminates bi-directional banding of any sort. 

With its ability to print up to 102m² per hour, you can build your business and reputation on Roland’s high-production EJ-640. Exceptional image quality coupled with your choice of specialty inks enable the quick production of high quality, vibrant wide format banners, signs, posters, vehicle graphics, and fine art, in a more efficient and economical manner than ever before.

  • Staggered dual print heads cover a large print width to optimise production capabilities
  • Mirrored formation overall reduces the potential of chromatic banding
  • New economical ink cartridges thanks to the design and development of new 1 litre Eco-Solvent cartridges available in 7 colours; dual CMYK or CMYKLcLmLk
  • The integrated tri-heater system allows the drying to keep up with the print speeds
  • Showcasing the new and improved Roland VersaWorks Dual RIP software, allowing for Postscript and PDF rendering, simplifying the printing of intricate layers and transparencies.
  • Long unattended print runs thanks to 1 litre inks and the ink switching system
  • Print speeds of up to 102m/h
  • Sturdy construction and a large diameter grit roller enable the EJ to be a true workhorse

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