New generation Epson Surecolor F9380 dye sublimation printer

As a veteran professional printer supplier to help printers and printing industry users to improve productivity and maintain a high level of competitiveness, Epson is constantly developing and improving the main goal of digital thermal transfer program. The release of the new Epson products SureColor F9380 professional large format printer, in image processing technology, the integration of the Epson color comparison table, halftone technology and Epson micro-emergence technology "precision ink point technology", respectively, from the color, grain And print stripes on the phenomenon was optimized, which is Epson micro-jet printing machine to print the key to high-quality results.
So where is the Epson SureColor F9380? Epson specially invited the Guangzhou Yuepai, Xiamen Guanghua the two professionals engaged in the printing and dyeing industry, the company conducted a three-month trial experience. According to the two companies feedback, F9380 compared to the previous generation of products, in the printing effect on a higher level, in the high capacity of the premise, the printing industry to provide users with high-quality output products. Known as the strength of the printing and dyeing industry pioneer, won the user's affirmation and love.
In the fierce market competition, only with high quality and efficient response to remain unbeaten. For industry users, the most concerned about the efficiency of the problem in the Epson SureColor F9380 has been a very good solution. The SureColor F9380 has been upgraded to double the quality of the double-pass CPC + HDK four-color layout, which enables users to produce in a lower pass number, in the double PrecisionCore ™ TFP micro-piezotor that inherits the previous generation. In the 2pass mode, the print speed is as high as 60 square meters per hour *. In the 3pass mode, which can meet the needs of most high-quality production, the capacity is up to 44.1 square meters per hour * Pattern output, or even use the production capacity of up to 108.6 square meters / hour 1pass mode for the production, the real user for the interpretation of what is the "soldiers your speed."
Want to shrink the cost, afraid to affect the quality, how do? F9380 support 45gsm sublimation paper printing for users! As the transfer rate of tissue paper is higher, the use of 45gsm thin paper printing, not only after the transfer of color is more beautiful, but also can save ink consumption, to help users achieve quality and cost win. At the same time, F9380 for the first time in the print driver to load the domestic print media EMX file, which includes not only the printer parameter settings, including ICC color characteristics of the file. Domestic media EMX file loading, not only greatly facilitate the use of the customer's production, while reducing the customer's production costs.
In the contemporary clothing market, a variety of pattern elements of the high heat. And want to accurately show the exquisite beautiful pattern, the printer's paper to play a vital role in precision. F9380 new upgrade, the use of a more stable media supply system and tension automatic control system, according to the thickness of the medium to the paper for precise control to prevent the occurrence of wrinkling and offset, so as to enhance the accuracy of the paper, the error control In the range of ± 0.15% *.
Epson is concerned about the output quality of the SureColor F9380, more concerned about the ultimate consumer health. F9380 used "live color DS" thermal transfer ink not only broaden the black color gamut, enhance the expressive force; more importantly, the ink itself is Eco Passport certification, the substrate also received the internationally renowned European Oeko-Tex Standard 100 first level certification, at the same time to achieve China GB18401-2010 Class A standard, can be applied in addition to leather goods outside the baby or children under the age of two children's clothing.
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