What can we do with 100gsm sublimation paper?

First of all, let me introduce our 100gsm sublimation paper the structure , and the inkjet thermal transfer paper is sandwiched like a sandwich. On the top layer is a functional coating that absorbs ink and separates the dyestuff. The base paper is located in the middle, coating. This three-layer structure of a reasonable division of labor composed of inkjet sublimation transfer paper, the indicators with the improved printing paper to use the effect is like, otherwise there will be such as application problems exposed.
Fei Yue Paper Inc. has been working to improve the performance of these three layers of materials, from material matching to coating production process to perfection, the purpose is in a variety of environment and inkjet conditions can have better performance, allowing users to easily less upset.

What Can You Print With 100grs. Sublimation paper?
Anything that is flat, white or light colored and is either polyester coated or made of polyester fabric. You can also print on mugs, shot glasses, etc if you use a mug press or a mug wrap with an oven. 
Here is a small list of popular items that sublimation can be used:

Ceramic mugs | Water bottles | Coasters | Metals | Magnetic sheets | Plaques | Name badges | License plates | Car flags | Mouse pads | Fabric puzzles | Ceramic tiles | Glass tiles | Poker chips | 100% polyester shirts and more!
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