Sublimation textile digital printing with 57gsm high speed sublimation paper

The process of creating a Sublimation Textile with digital printing begins with graphic design.  Once the graphic for the garment has been created, an artist will output the design to a specialized transfer medium, the sublimation transfer paper, using a wide format industrial printer loaded with custom dye sublimation inks.  Specialized computer software translates the color requests from the software to the printer and the Sublimation Textile image is printed for application. 
Now, we R&D a 57gsm high speed Ultra light sublimation paper for high speed printer such MS high speed printer, D-GEN high speed printer etc.It is cost-effective and time-consuming. It is best for .bulk-production.
57GSM low weight sublimation paper is a kind of thin coating layer inkjet transfer paper, different from high weight paper, it doesn't have enough weight to support itself, so this kind of sublimation paper usually curled during sublimation printing. Crimping is mainly rub print head, effect the useful life of print head, and also is not convenience to cut the paper. besides, we have to know some points as below:
1)The humidity of the paper too high. 
2)Air drying Digital image color too deep. 
3)No coating at the back of paper 
4)The widest the paper is the easiest to crimp.

Usually, low weight sublimation paper is jumbo roll rather than small roll, considering its relative low price and cost-effective, this type sublimation paper is usually used for industry large quantities of textile printing, such as for banners, garments, bed sheets, curtains, etc.

Suitable for high density sublimation ink, but also for ordinary sublimation ink. Applicable pattern: Floral type or light-colored . Transfer mode: Adapt to large format print it can improve transfer efficiency! 
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