Main Types of sublimation transfer paper

Sublimation transfer is to print the portrait, landscape, text or other graphics onto the inkjet paper through the inkjet printer which is with the sublimation transfer ink, then heat it up to about 200 degree by using the heat transfer equipment, to make the sublimation transfer ink on the sublimation transfer paper sublimated and substrates into the medium, then the colored images on the transfer paper can be vividly transferred to the textiles, mugs, ceramic plates, metal and other materials.
Withth: 210mm, 420mm, 610mm, 914mm, 1118mm, 1600mm, 1620mm (can be customized    according to clients' request)
common size of flat sheet: A4 (210MM*29.7MM), A3
Suitable printer: ESPON; Mimaki; Roland, Mutoh, etc
Advantages & application:
By using the sublimation transfer paper, the surface of the substrate is without film, therefore, the feeling and visual effects are all far superior to the common ink and transfer paper, it is colorful, not crack, etc. it can be used for making the banners, glassware, ceramic, mugs and so on.