100% cotton fabric t shirt printing with Light and Dark heat transfer paper

Paper description:
A4 (210x297mm) or A3(297mm×420mm)
Epson. Canon and other inkjet printers
Dye Ink and Pigment Ink
Base Paper:
White Paper
Weight / m2:
180-220 Degrees
Transfer Rate:
Pure Cotton
Paper display:
t-shirt transfer paper
Other paper size:
Sheet size: 8.5”x11”, 11”x17”, 13”x19”
Roll: 17”, 24”, 36”, 44”
Charactistic of t-shirt transfer paper:
Our T-shirt Transfer paper is AW quality, it can not fade washing more than 70 times.
The T-shirt heat transfer paper can easily transfer photo to your cotton cloth by Iron or heat transfer machine.
Wear your T-shirt with pride by putting your favourite photo on it.
Perfect as a gift for someone special or for all your relatives and friends.
1) Print on the white side of the paper.
2) Mirror/flip your before you print.
3) Check printer settings and set to single sheet feeding.
4) We recommend using the bypass tray for single-sheet feeding.
For best results, trim away unprinted areas of the transfer as close to image as possible. We recommend using an image with rounded corners to avoid corner lift-off after washing.
  • Please kindly note that  if your T-shirt is over 30% cotton, you should use T-shirt paper rather than sublimation transfer paper.
  • It is compatible with inkjet printers but it is not compatible with laser printers
  • Brand new transfer paper for dark or light color fabrics
  • Perfect for you to print your own design or picture onto a T shirt
  • No crack, peel of separate from the fabric
  • Suitable for all inkjet printers using dye based or pigmented inks
  • Hot or Cold peel
1) Choose a smooth, hard surface at waist level or below. You must put all of your weight into the ironing, push down as hard as you can. That is why you do not use an ironing board.
2) Preheat the iron to the highest cotton setting for 3 minutes - do not use warm. Do not use steam (empty all the Water).
3) Place a pillowcase on the hard surface and iron to remove any wrinkles.
4) Place the garment on the center of the pillowcase and iron to ensure flatness.
5) Place the transfer printed side facing down in the desired position on the garment
6) Step press with firm pressure, slowly along each side of the image. Place the iron in one spot and press that spot. Then more the iron to the next spot. 7) Hold each press for 45 seconds
8) Continue to step press over the entire image. Ensure all edges and corners are firmly pressed. Total ironing time should be 5 to 6 minutes for 8.5 x 11 size image.
9) When all areas are adhered do a quick pass with the iron to heat up the whole transfer. Peel the transfer immediately while it is still hot.
More info:
Company website: www.skyimagepaper.com