The Common Used Dye Sublimation Paper----100 gsm sticky Roll size Sublimation Paper

In order to meet some special customers requests, in 2011 we started to produce tacky sublimation paper, it mainly suit for elastic fabric and some without shrinking treatment fabric. Because the tacky is stronger, so the paper can firmly catch the fabric, so it can not have the double image in the producing. Specially in Turkey, USA , Pakistan and Indonesia sell great.

Like other size paper,100gsm sticky sublimation paper is mainly used for application of chemical fiber fabrics, apparel fabrics,photo banners, flags, ribbon, ceramics, metal, mugs and other areas, it can keep pace with the world-renowned brands in terms of ink absorption, quick drying, curling and transfer rate.
We are sublimation paper professional supplier.Our Factory can supply any need about sublimation transfer paper,sublimation dye ink, heat transfer paper for digital printing!  
Paper Size: ( 
Width: 24" 36" 44" 52" 63" 64" 72" 
Weight: 45g, 50g, 58g, 66g, 70g, 78g, 80g, 90g, 98g, 100g, 120g, 130g, 140g 
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