Sublimation Transfer Paper For Jerseys And Sportswear Printing

Different kinds of sublimation transfer paper have unique usage. not every sublimation paper is suitable to print on fabrics,ceramic,polyester, wood, and so on.Today, i will introduce the kind of sublimation transfer paper suitable for Jerseys and Sportswear.
Tacky/Sticky Sublimation Transfer Paper
The high quality full sticky paper has an adequate volume of stickness on the whole paper surface which couples stably the fabric and sublimation paper while heat pressing process.The transfer process for our sublimation transfer paper

*Photo quality, waterproof, instant dry
*Perfect color perspective and expression
*Use heat transfer machine to transfer the photo on fabric and other materials
Suitable for sublimation ink
Sublimation Transfer Paper for textiles,fabrics,mugs ceramics.
Specifications: 100gsm tacky Sublimation Transfer Paper
Suitable Ink : Sublimation Dye ink
Printer : Inkjet printer
Note: This paper must be printed by sublimation ink, Could not use on the 100% pure cotton textile.