What are Tacky and Fast Dry Sublimation Paper for Flatted Heat Press Machine and Rotary Drum Machines?

            Sublimation Transfer paper is the best transfer paper which can be used in various printing method to transfer the image from the transfer paper to various objects such as fabric, wood, ceramic cups, tiles,ect.

         If you want to the image from sublimation paper then you must require a heat press machine which helps you to the image on the object permanently.

           You cannot use your home iron for transferring this image because this press are not that much hot as a heat press and does not give you sufficient amount of pressure and heat. The quality of heat press machine is far greater than the ordinary iron machines that we used at our homes and deliver us perfect ration of heat and pressure which emphasis the quality of the image on the object.

             There are two types of press that has been used for tacky or fast dry sublimation paper such as Platen presses which has flat surface and has been used for the printing of individual pieces or have a good impact of printing on the hard
surface such as wood, tile etc. The other type of printing press is rotary drum machines in which fabric continuously gets print or on roll to roll basis. This machine has been used for the printing of big banners, signs and large designs.

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