The Advantages of Sublimation Transfer

Today, fashionable handicrafts is popular among people day by day. Various kinds of transfer printing technology used in making handicraft is also developed, wihch attracts many entrepreneurs and friends who love fashion and beauty.So.what's the advantages of sublimation transfer technology?
Typically, as technology becoming mature and popular, the price of sublimation transfer printer obviously drop to the level accepted by general public. Now BRADY handheld sublimation transfer printer TLS2200's price is below ten thousand yuan.But a lot of people don't know that with cutting price of printing consumable, the cost of print directly in fact has been lower than the cost of traditional printing.
Specifically, the advantages of sublimation transfer mainly is that print little amount but in diversity, which will not cause waste, even if only one be printed.Take advantage of bar code with scanning gun to reduce artificial processing time and cost.According to our needs, we can print a variety of graphics, especially the company's logo and the sign with certification.You can also print the sequence number to track products.We can connect the database data to extract data printing.You can print your ticket or all kinds of sublimation paper with speed and higher quality.With the integration system and medium of barcode labels, we can improve procurement, production, warehousing, logistics and sales management system etc..