Common Problems In the Heat Transfer and The Solutions

1.materials at bottom in Flat heat transfer machine such as cotton, sponge, cardboard, etc.will absorb moisture in the ink transfer process,which will lead to overmuch water vapor during the transfer. Therefore, pattern color fades or partial aerosol or watermark appear on the tranferred cloth.So, we should press a few periodically before and in the transfer process to evaporate the moisture.If condition is allowed,it should be replaced by dry liner material promptly.
2.Printed patterns and fabric to be transferred should not be affected with damp .Otherewise, paper will easy be soft and wrinkled during transfer process especially using roller press machine,then streaks will appear on the cloth after printing.What's more,transfer rate becomes low, the color of patter will not be bright,seriously,design outline will melt.Color is different between dry transfer and damp transfer--the chromatic aberration.The more be affected with damp the more serious situation is.Due to the above factors printed paper (for transfer printing) and the fabric should be kept in dry room, humidity should be controlled below 60.
3.Sometimes,double image will occour during tablet press transfer.The reason is:transfer paper is flat in the trans printing,wil not immediately bend at the press.In order not to produce ghosting, we can take the following measures to solve:
. Reduce rising velocity.We can adjust the flat hot stamping machine press cylinder (or oil cylinder) speed regulator (solar terms Valve or valve) to slower platen raising.And the fabric is not easy to be sucked up together,avoiding problem of ghosting as a result of paper falling off in the secondary transfer.
.The four corners dipped with water.If the transfer paper is smaller than the fabric,4 corners of transfer paper without pattern can be wet a little.And then covering the transfer printing on fabrics.After the transfer if there is a focal yellow on the wet place,it can be cleanned by water.
.Overlay method.If the transfer paper is larger than the fabric,we can override the fabric surface.Paper and fabrics generally will not be inhaled up hot press.the physical reason for this is because fabrics electrostatic effect. When the paper covered with the fabric,the fabric electricity effect is broken up. So paper won't br sucked up and down keeping the secondary transfer printing.