How to store sublimation transfer paper?

The inkjet sublimation transfer paper section is like a sandwich. The top layer is a functional coating that absorbs ink and separates the dyes, located in the middle of the base paper, which is resistant to warping. This three-tier structure of the rational division of the composition of the inkjet sublimation transfer paper, the indicators with the use of improved paper like the effect, otherwise there will be such an application problem exposed.
The humidity of the printing environment is best controlled at 45 ~ 70% RH, such as air is too dry easy to make the transfer paper warpage, this time when the amount of inkjet printing paper when the transfer of water and elongation of the arch may cause friction nozzle failure ; If the air is too wet will lead to drying speed and the two ends of the transfer paper elongation missing. Please install and enable air conditioning in the inkjet printing room, there is a stable environmental conditions can be stable inkjet printing. If there is no air conditioning constant temperature and humidity, the remedy is to remove the transfer paper before 1-2 days before printing plastic bags to transfer paper exposed to the air breathing, balance the transfer of paper moisture, the purpose of doing so is to turn The printing paper absorbs moisture and pre-elongates to avoid drying the transfer paper too much to absorb sublimation ink and elongate the arch.

When the ambient humidity is very large, the base paper layer of the transfer paper may be inconsistent due to uneven water on both sides, in which case the long strip pattern will be skewed or jammed, and the remedy It is possible to place a clean steel pipe between the paper feed side and the unwinding roll, and the appropriate weight on both ends of the pipe so that the transfer paper remains flat and the proper tension.
When the transfer paper absorbs too much water in the air, the paper becomes very soft, so that it is easy to wrinkle the transfer paper through the pickup roller. The remedy is to remove some of the pickup rollers, Reduce the force to keep the printer flat.
D) To confirm the printing surface of the transfer paper, the print surface of the full roll paper is outward, and when the printing surface can not be determined, the two faces of the transfer paper can be smeared with the fingers. Heavy is the print side.
E) When the transfer paper is placed on the printer, take a fine cloth glove to prevent the paper from being stained.
F) In the case of a new roll, it is safe to print a small piece of standard color (the standard color is the user familiar with the usual pattern consisting of CMYK four or six colors) and make a transfer test to ensure that every Roll the same color, such as the emergence of a significant color, to find the reasons and exclusion in a timely manner.
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