Oil press calendar machine advantages

The scope and characteristics of Oil press calendar machine:
This product is suitable for large banners, flags, non-woven fabrics, clothing fabrics, towels, sheets, mouse pad and other products of sublimation transfer, especially into a continuous fabric transfer. Can be continuous printing, fast, to meet the needs of large quantities of customers printing.
Roller drum heat transfer machine features: 
The machine for the pieces, cloth dual-use machines, both convenient and efficient transfer of various sizes of cutting products, but also can be transferred into a pair of cloth material.
(1) the use of oil heating method, heating evenly
(2) digital temperature and frequency controller, adjustable speed
(3) machine with three meters long single-length table, a conveyor belt to facilitate the delivery of finished products Taiwan
(4) the machine with a pressurized system, to meet the different requirements of different products on the pressure
(5) the use of imported heating pipe, heat uniform, durable, the use of imported blankets, blankets are not easy to deviation
(6) machine blankets for the off-style, blankets are not easy to burn, with three put two devices, to facilitate customers to retract products
Roller drum heat press machine's blanket is made using the United States DuPont raw materials produced in Shanghai, the drum is double explosion-proof drum, double layer than the single layer of safer, more reliable. Mechanical configuration, we also presented two gas up shaft (a received one), the mechanical weight of about 2500kg, effective door format can be customized according to customer needs! Our price is also because of quality, we have the confidence to do the best machine, so we are also guaranteed to the customer! Choose our machine is not wrong! Our product warranty for one year, life service customers.
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