Ribbon Sublimation Rotary Heat Press Machine for mobile lanyard/ shoelac...

Ribbon Sublimation Rotary Heat Press Machine for mobile lanyard/shoelace/belt /elastic

Product Features:
1. Synchronization retractable functional design, fully protect the lives of the belt tension is not deformed.
2. Using tension controller Expansion axis accessories such as a retractable device, adjustable, easy to operate, accurate alignment to ensure that the effect of the transfer of the product.
3. Ribbon jig adjustable, quick correction, positioning ring mold using CNC lathe processing, error control in 3 μ or less, the error is extremely small, a plurality of transfer ribbon.
4. The transfer member using inflatable axion tension controller as the unwinding, enabling precise alignment webbing.
5. With the double-sided transfer spacers, can easily achieve double-sided transfer ribbon, and both sides of the pattern alignment precision.
6. with synchronized feeder, convenient and safe, no need to manually forward the tape.
7. The drum surface with DuPont Teflon materials processing, corrosion, rust, anti-sticking, anti-static, good transfer efficiency.
8. heat the cylinder with liquid circulation system, even heating thermal conductivity, good insulation effect, temperature control within plus or minus one degree Celsius.
9. Special machine installed stainless steel oil guide means increased oil change convenient, high safety performance, with reduced pressure explosion-proof function.
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