Do You Know the History of T-Shirts Printing?

Virtually any design can be printed on a t-shirt. Not only can designs be printed on the front and back of the shirt, they can be printed on the sleeves as well. The process involves using a squeegee to push ink through a screen. The screen must be prepared before any printing can take place. This is achieved by coating the screen with a thick emulsion and allowing it to dry.

Once the screen is completely dry it (along with the image to be printed) are placed on a light table and exposed to high intensity light. This actually burns the image into the screen.Next, the emulsion solution is rinsed away with a pressure washer, leaving only the design on the screen. The actual printing process then begins.
Typically, most t-shirt printing companies automate printing for large orders and manually process smaller orders. In regard to design, they work with clients until they are 100% satisfied with the image that will be transferred to their garments of choice. Of course, these clients have the option of supplying their own design, as well.

It is less expensive to have a design printed on a light colored t-shirt than on a dark one. This is because dark colored garments require a base coat of white ink, before any additional inks can be applied. This is to prevent colors from blending together. Another reason for the extra expense is that it costs t-shirt manufacturers more to produce dark colored clothing.
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