More uses about sublimation transfer paper

  For daily appliance, all kinds of papers are used by us. And there is a special paper used which is called the dye sublimation transfer paper. It's basically just named after the printing process itself. The paper is special because it is treated to absorb sublimated dye graphics in the CMYO color spectrum. It is simply Cyan, magenta, yellow, and the overprint that produces the black shade. The paper is going to be matched up against a polyester cloth and then run through heated rollers at 400F.

  However the heated rollers are also pressurized, and as the cloth and paper goes through this process, the dyes are converted to gas. With the heat, the pores on the cloth tend to open up, and then filled up with the gas form of the dyes, permanently embedding them onto the cloth.This whole process actually enables the production of a continuous tone resembling a photographic image. Because of this, printing on fabric has been known by many. Graphic printing on cloth is not limited to T-shirts but on graphic advertising displays as well.

  It is possible to print images directly onto a fabric, but then, that won't be dye sublimation. Direct pressing can have the advantage of a quick 1-step process, but it tends to cost more for the materials alone. On the other hand, labor is less. In my opinion, it's quite hard to distinguish the quality of the print between a sublimated and direct-to-fabric print, but there are people who can. I guess they have better vision compared to mine.However, when it comes to a long-lasting colored print, dye sub is, without a doubt, better. Those direct-to-fabric prints won't last well against getting washed or exposed to sunlight.

   We are pro for taking good care for the environment. I get it, oil is bad for the bodies of water out there, but things have gotten negatively for those trying to mix this with politics so that they could get millions of money. Nonetheless, the amount of waste out of dye sublimation printing is pretty much insignificant. So, it won't give a terrible impact on the environment. There is nothing to worry with regards to this matter.That's why dye sublimation transfer paper is more and more popular.

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