How to fix sublimation textile printing by heat press calandra?

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Are you looking for high quality rotary transfer calandra suitable for all kind of Polyester (or nylon) textiles? We offer solutions for roll-to-roll or single piece goods specifically designed for dye sublimation transfer printing and fixation for both dispersed dyes and pigments. From the professional start-up to the industrial high-volume manufacturer, Sublistar offers the best technical solutions for woven - non woven - knitted or stretch, thin or thick material.
With Sublistar, you always make the right choice for the highest return on your investment. 
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Here is how:
You will get high value end-products with brilliant colors and sharp edge definition
High productivity, high processing speed
First time right, less waste and fewer re-prints
High availability, limited down time due to quality components
Sublistar heat presses offers you:
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  • Best sublimation and fixation of dyes by very constant temperature use of thermal oil for superior thermo-dynamic temperature control.
  • No colour differences side-to-side, over the production run or between the seasons; heating drum is completely filled with oil and oil is thoroughly mixed.
  • No distortion in the print pattern due to a very stable belt (PID) steering. No lateral movement of material due to the longest belt in the industry.
  • High speed at required contact time by making use of maximum drum surface and very constant temperature.
  • Quick heating up (+/- 1 hour) due to ample heating capacity and low quantity of oil in the drum.
  • Minimal maintenance required. Long life-time of machine, its components and belt; long belt and belt guiding system working without mechanical force. No edge or side elongation of the belt.
  • Ease of operation. Single button operation for pressure, speed, temperature.
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